Melted Crayon Hand & Feet Turkey

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I was very excited to have the Turkey Craft that Alex and created last Thanksgiving featured in the article 8 Turkey Crafts Kids Can Make on What to Expect. Of course, being the crazed (in the good way) crafter I am I had to make at least one of these projects (we ended up making two). 

I have a confession, I did a Macgyver on this project too. I only looked at the picture - I didn't actually read all the way through. Mine was created pretty much the same way, however I put a layer of wax paper on top of the wax , glued the pieces and put contact paper on top/bottom to help hold it together. A little stiff from the layers of way, it turned out cute and I am hoping will last until I am an old lady.

Here is my step-by-step picture. You can find the original craft on Blog A La Carte - Crayon Stained Glass Hand & Feet Turkey

Go forth and BE crafty! Enjoy!

Turkey Hand Foot

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Cinnamon Stick Candles

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When I saw the pretty and festive cinnamon stick candles I knew I was going to make them! I thought I had pinned the project, it turns out that I didn't. I just did the project by memory and my Macgyver style of crafting. 

In the original photo the cinnamon sticks circled the entire candle. When I went to purchase said cinnamon sticks they were $10 a bunch for 8" sticks, about just enough for one candle. So I improvised (hence Macgyver) and still got both the cinnamon sticks and candles on sale for 50% off. That made the project doable. 

Here are my step-by-step photos. They are pretty self explanatory, however post if you have questions. Enjoy!


Cinnamon Stick Candle

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Organic Dandelion Flower Cookies

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I know that you may be saying to yourself, “dandelions, the same weed that we try to get rid of in our yard?” Yes, the very ones! We certainly enjoy these delicious, and easy to make, cookies and I am sure your family will too.

In our cookies we only use flowers that have been picked in our community garden, this garden has never been sprayed with pesticides, and that is very important to me for the health of my family. Why does it matter if pesticides have been used? Well, as you may already know pesticide residue stays on plants, fruits and vegetables and is next to impossible to wash off. Eating pesticide residue can cause a host of physical problems, so it is best to steer clear of them as best we can. Continue reading

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Turkey Craft

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Happy Thanksgiving! I saw these cute little turkey crafts the other day and had to make them. One can never go wrong with paint and googly eyes. 


I taped some art paper I had on hand to our art table, squirted some Fall colors on a plate and let Alex go to town. First, he painted the paper. When he was finished with that he rolled the toilet paper rolls all around the wet paint. As you can see he likes to be silly when we are making crafts. 



What you need: 

Art paper or brown paper bag



Googly Eyes



I made one outline of his hand to use as a stencil - I made four turkeys and there was no way he would hang around that long to have his hand traced.


Once the paint was dry on the toilet paper rolls we glued on googly eyes (we used our homemade organic glue) and painted on a beak.  After the paint dried on the piece of art paper I traced his hand print stencil and then cut out the "feathers". I used three for each turkey so twelve total. Then I placed the feathers and stapled them in place. I went back and glued rogue and loose feathers.


Viola! I think these turkeys turned out pretty darn cute. :o)

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Organic Homemade Glue

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I didn't have enough Elmer's on hand to start a holiday project. I did, however have enough ingredients to make my own glue. It was easy and took me about 10 minutes total. I had to work out some clumps at the end, and it turned out great - just like gravy. 


This glue is not only non-toxic, it is totally edible!


Here is the end result: 


With this recipe I found on Sustainableecho, I made two 8oz mason jars full of glue. 



1 C - Organic Flour

1-1/2 C - Filtered Water

1/3 C - Organic Sugar

1 tsp - Vinegar


*Substitute regular flour and sugar if you don't have organic on hand.


How to make your organic glue: 

  • In a small/medium sauce pan mix 1 cup of organic flour with 1/3 cup of organic sugar. 
  • Add half of the water and mix into a paste without clumps.
  • Add the rest of the water and mix until smooth.
  • Stir in 1 tsp of vinegar and heat mixture on medium low heat until it starts to thicken. 
  • Cool and transfer to glass jar or an airtight plastic container. 


The glue will keep for a few days at room temperature. Refrigerate to prolong the shelf life.


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