Turkey Craft

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Happy Thanksgiving! I saw these cute little turkey crafts the other day and had to make them. One can never go wrong with paint and googly eyes. 


I taped some art paper I had on hand to our art table, squirted some Fall colors on a plate and let Alex go to town. First, he painted the paper. When he was finished with that he rolled the toilet paper rolls all around the wet paint. As you can see he likes to be silly when we are making crafts. 



What you need: 

Art paper or brown paper bag



Googly Eyes



I made one outline of his hand to use as a stencil - I made four turkeys and there was no way he would hang around that long to have his hand traced.


Once the paint was dry on the toilet paper rolls we glued on googly eyes (we used our homemade organic glue) and painted on a beak.  After the paint dried on the piece of art paper I traced his hand print stencil and then cut out the "feathers". I used three for each turkey so twelve total. Then I placed the feathers and stapled them in place. I went back and glued rogue and loose feathers.


Viola! I think these turkeys turned out pretty darn cute. :o)

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